Maple Tree Brewing Company

Starting in 2010, the Maple Tree Brewing Company is a gluten-free brewing establishment house in our very own kitchen!

After being diagnosed as a celiac in 2009, my beer cravings were unmet by the gluten-free options currently on the market. While Anheuser Busch’s Red Bridge is delectable, Jacob felt we could do better and make many more flavors. Jacob was interested in starting home-brewing and now we had motivation.

We typically brew in 5 gallon batches (approximately 48 bottles); we post our recipes and results here, under the name MapleTreeBrewCo. Our bottles have been hand-etched with our logo. That ensures our bottles get returned to us. We love sharing our microbrews and enjoy the feedback. We ask for a $2 donation per bottle (or $10 for a six pack) to help cover the costs of processing. If you are interested in trying a different gluten free beer, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to share!

Currently drinking: Vanilla Bourbon Porter

Next batch (winter/spring 2012/2013): TBD

Former batches:
Orange Honey Ale – Shock Top clone
Orange Ginger Ale
Hoppy Thanksgiving (pumpkin spice ale)


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