Last week (Friday), I had a gluten-downfall – my first in 4 months (diagnosed in October). I had lunch with my mom. She ate McDonalds and I had a sensible salad from Subway. She had a chocolate shake which looked and smelled incredible! I decided I wanted some ice cream, but I had to be careful … I started Weight Watchers a month ago (and lost 5 pounds so far!). I didn’t want to use too many points for ice cream – I was saving them for our anniversary dinner on Saturday night. So, I went with the least points – a small ice cream cone. I snarfed the ice cream and cone – although it wasn’t what I was expecting. Looking back, it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be.

Approximately 1 hour after I consumed the gluten-laden cone, I started cramping and realized I was having a bad reaction. I immediately popped some digestive enzymes that assist in digesting gluten. The pain got better and I went to get a pedicure. In the middle of a pedicure, I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom! Eventually, I felt so sick, I couldn’t even finish – I had to leave early (and still pay the full price!).  I came home and lost my lunch and the ice cream. That afternoon, I spent in bed with a heating pad and a book. Even now, a few days later, I can tell my system isn’t “right.”

I definitely learned my lesson – despite what I may thing, gluten is a BAD thing!  Remember, it stays in your system for several days – even if the initial pain is at the beginning. Good luck to everyone!!  I know it is – at times – very difficult to be gluten free!


About ALM Tree

Bachelor's degree in biology-chemistry; Masters in public health. Science nerd (and proud of it!). Wine-o, beer snob, and foodie! Always has a sense of humor and looks on the bright side.
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2 Responses to Downfall

  1. Lori Flanders says:

    This is good to know, that the products do stay in your system for a period of time. I do realize that there is a price to pay.

    • ALM Tree says:

      It’s a little disturbing how long the effects of gluten can remain in the system! And its scary how gluten can effect your body. Because gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune disorder, it reek havoc all over your body – things you may not even associate as symptoms.

      Food that you are allergic to you, when ingested, attack the lining of your small intestine and damage the cells. This makes tiny holes in the gut allowing foreign things into the bloodstream – a medical condition known as “leaky gut.” Some foods that can cause problems are: grains, dairy, sugars, yeast and some vegetables.

      Some of us can digest all these foods fully. But for others there is only partial digestion – leading to cell damage. Foreign things then escape into the bloodstream and create inflammation, infection and chronic disease. Not following a strict diet can cause more autoimmune disease – such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

      When the system breaks down and the intestines don’t do their job, you get sick, which can lead to vitamin, mineral deficiencies, e.g. osteoporosis; infections from viruses, bacteria and yeasts; inflammation of joints or organs, e.g. arthritis; Irritable Bowel, stomach bloating, flatulence and many other illnesses.

      Lori, form what you’ve told me – you’ve changed your diet and are not seeing any results, you may want to talk to your doctor about leaky gut syndrome. Have hope, girl! I know you’ll pull through this!

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