Travelling GF, Days 4, 5, and 6

Sorry I missed the last three days. I didn’t bring my computer and writing on my phone was getting tiresome. Let me get you up to date!

Day 4:
Sunday, December 26th went well. We slept in (skipped church … and breakfast!) and met my in-laws at Crazy Bowls & Wraps (CBW).  They are a great place to eat and offer GF alternatives.  I ended up having the tofu vegetable bowl with added salmon.  The vegetable bowl was just steamed vegetables over brown rice (white rice is also an option) with olive oil – herb lime sauce.  They were out of the gluten free garlic ginger sauce.  The tofu was cooked well and the salmon was seasoned excellently – and even wild caught!  Just be sure to tell them you are gluten intolerant and they will clean their grill before preparing your food.  After lunch, we went bowling.  I almost hit 100 three times!!  It was a lot of giggles, cheering, and a lot of fun all around.

Throwing those ball down the lanes, we were famished.  My husband and I wanted to treat our parents (my in-laws) to dinner. We ended up taking his parents, sister, grandma, and uncle to Outback Steakhouse. I was completely surprised they had a separate gluten free menu!  It made things a lot easier when ordering food.  I had the 8oz Outback steak (medium), sweet potato, and a house salad (minus the croutons) with ranch. Unfortunately, I ate too much to try their gluten-free brownie for dessert.

Day 5:
Monday, I had Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch cereal for breakfast. **Do not eat Cap’n Crunch if you are sensitive to oats or oat flour.  We went to visit another uncle in Illinois (about 30 minutes from St. Louis).  He has two horses, a new 8 month old donkey (Billy Jo), a Great Pyrenees (Bismark), a Bernese mountain dog (Heidi), three or four maine coon cats, and two house cats. What a household!!  It was a lot of fun visiting with all the animals.  However, I’m slightly regretting it now, as my allergies kicked in and I think I may have a cold.  Some of the kids and adults went sledding down a large hill … I stayed warm inside and watched. What fun!

After all that sledding, we went our own ways for dinner.  My sister in-law, husband and I went to the Three Monkeys for dinner.  I told the waitress I was gluten intolerant and she had some questions, which I was more than happy to answer.  I love curious people that I can help!  She went back to the kitchen to talk to the chef. The chef, who’s mother is also gluten intolerant, made a list of items that I would be able to have. We split an appetizer of spinach artichoke dip and corn chips.  I ended up having the Fall Off-the-Bone salad. It was HUGE!   Mine was with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cheddar-jack cheese mix, eggs, red onion, and fresh mixed greens with ranch.  I ended up taking home half of it because it was so large!

Day 6:
Last day in St. Louis and on our way home (at last!). While I love taking vacations, I always enjoy coming back home. My own bed. My own shower. And my own safe food. Sometimes I get tired of eating salads and Mexican and rice. It is not easy to eat GF while travelling and often times, you take your guts into your own hands.  We wanted to get an early start, so I had a quick cinnamon raisin bagel (Udis) and cream cheese.  We stopped at Sonic for some drinks, but didn’t eat lunch. We had enough food in the car to last us all the way home (5 hour drive).  Once at home, we had to shovel 8 inches of snow that fell in our absence!  Finally getting inside the house, I fixed GF macaroni and cheese.


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Bachelor's degree in biology-chemistry; Masters in public health. Science nerd (and proud of it!). Wine-o, beer snob, and foodie! Always has a sense of humor and looks on the bright side.
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