New Products and A Recipe

Breakfast was a deliciously new cereal called: Nature Path Organic Crunchy Maple Sunrise. For those who have had gluten before, think of it as a cereal blend of Kix, Special K flakes, and Rice Krispies. I really enjoyed the crunchiness (didn’t get soggy in milk) and the maple flavoring was wonderful! A nice fall treat.

Lunch (part 1) was egg salad on a rice cake. The crispiness of the rice cake was a nice contrast to the egg salad.  I also made some yogurt (store-bought plain yogurt) and added a spoonful of Splenda and some blueberries. Be sure to check the yogurt and make sure it has no gluten in it.
Egg Salad
1 hard boiled egg, chopped up
Regular Miracle Whip* to taste
Mustard, to taste

*The light version of Miracle Whip has modified food starch, which can cause problems. The regular version has corn starch.

By 2:30PM, I was famished! The egg salad didn’t hold me over and I knew dinner was going to be late (my husband has karate on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 7:30PM). In my hunger-pang search for “safe” food, I discovered HuHot has gluten alternatives! I’m free to eat the Pad Thai noodles with any choice of vegetables and four different sauces (sweet & sour, peanut thai, curry, and kung pao). After thinking things over, I ended up at our local grocery store (Hy-Vee). They have a large selection of gluten-free foods in their health section. I found Amy’s frozen macaroni & cheese. It was amazing! I like this meal because it was quick and easy (pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes). The cheese got all bubbly – almost like homemade mac n’ cheese. Additionally, the rice noodles tasted like regular noodles (a big plus!). For a snack, I had Rice Work’s Salsa Fresca chips. Again, for those of you who’ve had gluten food, they taste just like (if not better than) the salsa flavored Sun Chips!


About ALM Tree

Bachelor's degree in biology-chemistry; Masters in public health. Science nerd (and proud of it!). Wine-o, beer snob, and foodie! Always has a sense of humor and looks on the bright side.
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